Teach Mindfulness Like a Therapist

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the act of being aware and present within each moment. It's a pretty buzz-y word right now - almost any classroom teacher, dance instructor, or coach is going to talk a little bit about incorporating mindfulness. Why? Because research has shown that mindfulness helps decrease stress, increase focus, and even helps improve relationships

How to I do this myself?

Bring more focus into your day-to-day life. Sometimes, I like to set a timer to go off one or two times a day, and I practice becoming mindful of my surroundings. I may turn on a short youtube video with music, and focus just on the sounds for five minutes with my eyes closed, breathing deeply. In through my nose... and out through my mouth.

Ways to practice with your child:

You can practice mindfulness with your 4-10 year old by turning it into a game. Try and complete a 5-senses scavenger hunt, naming off one thing you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste at that moment (sometimes this can be fun to do during a special trip to a bakery!)

How to help your teen:

Teenagers can be a little more resistant to trying new things, but you may find that modeling mindfulness yourself can be a powerful tool to get buy-in. Let your teen know that you're setting reminder on your calendar, and you may even challenge them to do the same. Or, use a journal to track your stress level before and after meditation, and share what you've experienced personally. Even though teens may act like they don't care about you, you can bet they're paying attention.

If you'd like more suggestions...

Email me at compassionatecounselingstl@gmail.com, and I'm happy to talk through  other ideas to help you feel less stress at home. See you here next time!