What Is Counseling Like?

The first session:

The first session of counseling is where we start building your treatment plan, deciding on your goal for counseling. You should ask yourself, "What do I want to get out of this work? How is my life now, and how do I want it to be?" Talking through these goals in our first session will help to shape our work together.

Goals for you, or goals for your child?

This process can look a little different when you bring in your child or teen for counseling. Does your child need help with anger management? Is your teen avoiding you at home? As an individual therapist, I work one-on-one with your child, but I want to provide you with tools as well. And sometimes, going to counseling because of your concerns brings up issues for you as well.

Getting your feedback, each session.

Most importantly, I check in with you each session to see if we are reaching your goals. For your child, I ask them how they feel like things are going for them at the beginning of each session to tease out their concerns - and to help them understand that things need to change. At the end of each session, I ask how they felt I did - how was my listening? How important was what we did today? By tailoring my approach to them, and to you, we can reach goals more effectively.

If you have questions about counseling, please email me at compassionatecounselingstl@gmail.com and I'm happy to talk more about my clinical approach.