"Why Am I More Anxious At Night?" Information for College Students

Picture this...

You're in bed, finally ready to sleep after a massive crush of end-of-semester projects. You're exhausted. You're so eager to just close your eyes and rest. And instead of resting... boom. Anxiety.


Anxious thoughts can often strike at night  because there’s nothing else to divert your attention. Many people with anxiety find it easier to deal with during the day because they can focus on all the tasks they need to accomplish. Typically, though, those with anxiety will jump from task to task and take much longer than needed because it’s hard to focus - so really, the anxiety just feels easier to address during the daytime, but it’s a problem throughout the day.

How to cope:

I encourage my clients to build in regular relaxation practice and mindfulness. This is especially good to do right before or during bedtime to help with sleep.

A good place to start is my mindfulness series, if you're curious to hear how to build in a regular relaxation practice.

And, if the anxiety is getting in the way of your sleep all the time...

If you have huge dark circles under your eyes, if you feel totally drained and worried that you're failing at college and at life... you should reach out to a counselor. Ideally someone who has been there and gets where you're coming from. 

Kelsey specializes in anxiety management for kids, teens, and college students, and knows how even a small amount of anxiety can grow into a big problem. She focuses on building tools tailored to your concerns. Email her at compassionatecounselingstl@gmail.com to hear more about anxiety counseling in St. Louis. Kelsey works in Webster Groves and sees clients from University City, Clayton, Creve Couer, Town and Country, Des Peres, Brentwood, and Kirkwood.