5 Time Management Tips for College Students

Why is an anxiety specialist talking time management?

Unsurprisingly, college students with anxiety really need help when it comes to time management. Often, they flip from task to task, and quickly become overwhelmed with trying to do everything at the same time. So, below you'll find a few tips. Please reach out with follow up questions.

5 Tips for Time Management:

1. Figure out the master plan: Make a list of all of your tasks that you need to complete, figure out how long each one will take, and write out the due dates. From those three data points, you can work backwards to figure out when everything needs to start. Rewrite this list a second time, putting everything in that priority order. Check off each item from your list once you complete it - and don't start jumping around to the next task before you finish the first!

2. Use a listing app like "Wunderlist" or "Todoist" to keep track of small things that pop into your head (or, old school, write it down in a planner). People often get distracted by the next thing they need to do, but if you have a go-to central system, it'll be easier to plan everything out. 

3. Build in break time: Your brain can only pay attention for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, so make sure to build in short brain breaks, taking a quick walk outside or closing your eyes and taking 5 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. You'll find that taking this short break will help you return to the task more alert, and you'll be able to work through the remaining material more quickly. 

4. Turn off the internet: If you feel like you're easily distracted, turn off your wifi and your phone for an hour or so to really focus on the task at hand. If you remove the ability to do a quick search online or scroll through instagram, you'll stay much more focused. 

5. Curious to see how much time you stay on track? Try and app like "timetracker" to get an idea of how you spend your time online. Sometimes having that hard data in front of you helps you realize, "Oh right, I shouldn't be on facebook for 2 hours a day."

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