Tips for Teens: Understanding the Window of Tolerance

Tips for Teens: Understanding the Window of Tolerance

Everyone has a limit.

We can handle the anxiety, the frustration, the stress that comes up in our everyday life, until we just can't handle it anymore. We reach our tipping point. Our calm and collected bodies and brains give way to big outbursts, yelling, screaming, maybe even cursing out our friends or parents. We're no longer able to tolerate what's going on. We've passed the threshold of our "Window of Tolerance." So the question becomes: What can you handle?

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Relaxation Skills in Therapy

Relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga are critical tools for coping in our stressful world. 

I typically integrate these and other relaxation tools in to any treatment with children, adolescents, and families.

As an adult, even I forget to check in with my stress level during the day.

And sometimes, as that stress mounts, a small annoyance turns in to a huge blow up because I have reached my tipping point. 

So, rather than allowing myself to get to that point, I take small breaks during my day to check in. Are my shoulders all the way to my ears? Let's take a diaphragmatic breath. Am I noticing my palms are sweating or I haven't taken a full breath in a few minutes? I'm opening a new window on my computer to youtube sounds of the beach (this one is my favorite) and really listen to it.

Healthy, successful children and teens have stress, too.

Sometimes, people think stress is an adult issue, and that our children rarely if every experience stress on their own. This, of course, is unfortunately not true. Even healthy and successful children experience stress in their lives.

I recommend you read more about stress in children hereConsider how you can start integrating some awareness to your stress level - and your child's, as well. There are many small steps families can take to lower their stress throughout the day, though it may help to meet with a therapist as well to discuss further. 

If you would like more intervention suggestions or would like to see my mindfulness and relaxation techniques in practice, email me today to set up our first free consultation.