12 Tips for Winter Break: Having Fun and Letting It Go

Tip 7: Read Together

Some of my fondest memories of my grandmother are when we’d sit down together on the couch, teacups in hand (lots of milk and sugar in mine), and she’d read to me. Brothers Grimm or Roald Dahl or something she’d heard about from her work as a librarian. I’m 30 and I still remember the smell of her clean shirt and how safe and comfortable I felt.

Reading is a simple way to build connection with your kid. We’re not in charge of what memories really stick with them. So why not provide as many opportunities for positive, peaceful memories as you can?

Tip 8: Arts and Crafts

My favorite way to spend winter break as a kid. Get creative and messy and learn something new TOGETHER.

Doing arts and crafts is great for building task compliance, focus, and frustration tolerance - especially when you’re on step 10 of a 20 step project. But it’s also a great way to allow your kids some space to read the rules and decide whether or not they want to follow them.

Tip 9: Let it go…

As a parent you get to choose your battles. Sometimes you choose not to battle, and you know what's great about letting it go? You still get to be in charge.

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