Coping after grief, stress, and trauma.

Your family has recently experienced a loss, and while you are busy coping with this on your own, you know that your child is suffering as well.

They may be acting out more at school, or they may instead be a perfect angel - because they don't ant to cause you more trouble during this difficult time. They have trouble sleeping at night and may wake you up with nightmares. They get a blank look on their face at times and seem to space out, but you wonder...are they reliving what has happened?

After loss, death, or serious trauma such as abuse or a natural disasters, children and teens try their best to cope.

Some coping skills are more effective than others. It is very common to feel angry, and sad, and guilty, all at the same time. Your child may even start to think about hurting or killing themselves.

What I do to help.

In grief therapy, we process their complicated feelings about the loss and help them move forward. We also build coping skills to deal with their strong emotions, and typically work together on an art project or letter for their loved one. For serious trauma and other stressors, we work through a framework called "TF-CBT," or trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy. 

Most importantly, we build skills.

Working collaboratively, your child or teen will learn to identify what happened to them, build a language around this, and learn how to move forward with their lives. They identify their triggers and build tools to manage reminders of these past mad/sad/scary events.

What's the next step?

Contact me to discuss how to heal after a loss, death, or trauma in your child or teen's life, and we can decide if counseling is the right next step for you or your family. I know how difficult it is to open up to someone about this, so I want to be sure that your child is sharing their story with the right person. And if Iā€™m not the best fit, we can figure out the right next steps together.