St. Louis Counseling and Recommendations

As a St. Louis-based therapist, I search out resources specific to the area. Many of the therapeutic tools I use with children would be used regardless of my location, but we have such a wide variety of places, people, and agencies that it would be foolish to ignore the many amazing opportunities St. Louis provides to its families. 

Below you'll find a list of some of my favorite things in the Lou:

Best St. Louis Agencies:

  1. Parents as Teachers engages parents in advocating for education opportunities for their children.
  2. Behavioral Health Response Crisis Line, providing assessments for suicidality and self-harm 24 hours a day.
  3. Family Solutions for Kids provides free in home therapy to children in St. Louis County. Several kids of mine have used this in conjunction with the individual therapy services I provide, with great results
  4. Annie's Hope provides grief groups for families and children, and "Teen Retreats" specifically for teens experiencing grief and loss. This would pair very well with any individual grief therapy that I provide. 

Best St. Louis Activities for Kids and Teens:

  1. The St. Louis Zoo - A free zoo, and a great opportunity for families to get out and enjoy one another's company.
  2. The Missouri Botanical Gardens - While there is a fee to enter, they  have a lot of hand's on activities at the children's garden. I also think it's a wonderful place to practice relaxation skills and mindfulness.
  3. The Science Center - Many opportunities for education and family bonding. They also have great hand's on activities for developing brains with their Pre-School Science Series.
  4. The St. Louis Art Museum - Lots of free activities for families and kids, including crafts for young ones and the Teen Arts Council. The TAC collaborates with the St. Louis Art Museum to design activities and installations for other teenagers in the St. Louis area. 

If you are interested in scheduling a free assessment for counseling services, please email me or call (314) 339-7640!