Should Our Family Try Meditation Classes?

On the fence about meditation?

Because I specialize in anxiety management for kids, teens and college students, I always recommend thy parents help to build a meditation practice together with their kids.

The trick is, though, like all other skills, meditation becomes so much easier with practice. That calm centeredness is much easier to recall and use when you’ve actually had some regular meditation practice.

Deciding between meditating in a class vs. trying meditation at home?

So, for those deciding between classes and at home, I would recommend at least trying a class to see if guided meditation feels easier than alone. Sometimes we get focused on stopping our thoughts (which is impossible) rather than just letting out thoughts gently pass us by, and a good meditation coach will help you still your thoughts in a non judgmental way, and will give you tips you can use at home.

The whole family can benefit, but it might be easier to do it together in your own space.

You can also try online or different apps for meditation, so that you’re getting tips while staying at home. For those just starting out, I recommend the Calm and Breathe apps, and for kids, I love the Zen Den guided meditations.

In St. Louis, Little Flower Yoga provides yoga classes for kids (discounted for families in foster care) that help little ones build a sense of calm.

Everyone is different, so the best way to figure out if you need classes or to stay at home is to try it out!

Kelsey Torgerson, MSW, LCSW is a top-rated anxiety specialist in St. Louis, working with kids, teens and college students to help them manage their overwhelming thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. She works in Clayton with families throughout Creve Couer, Town and Country, Ladue, University City, and Webster Groves. You can reach her through her brand new contact page.