What Happens In Counseling?

People seek counseling services for themselves or their children for a variety of reasons. Before we delve in to this topic, though, I want to explore further what happens in counseling.

The most successful outcomes through counseling are found when the therapeutic alliance - the relationship between the therapist and their client - is good and improves over time. So, many times therapy with me at Compassionate Counseling St. Louis focuses on rapport-building. Through building the relationship and making sure you feel heard and understood, we are doing critical work. 

Every session starts with filling out an Outcome Rating Scale, tracking how the previous week went for you individually, interpersonally, socially, and overall. We then will work using CBT, art, relaxation/mindfulness skills, or simply talking about stressors and current concerns. We also build skills that are usable at home, work, or school.

As a clinician, I make sure to listen to you and tailor my therapeutic approach to you and your/your child's needs. With younger individual clients, the final 10 minutes are spent with "free play" and self-motivated child directed interactions. I then have all clients complete a Session Rating Scale, which tracks that ever-important therapeutic alliance. This feedback is crucial - not only does it help us make sure we're on the right track, it ensures that our work together is meeting your needs. 

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