In the media...

I love sharing my expertise with others, even when they're not my counseling clients. I regularly collaborate with school districts, teachers, library-lead community resource providers, and outside community groups. 

Some of my favorite topics include:

  • Anxiety and anger management for kids, teens, and college students
  • Managing anxiety as a perfectionist
  • Child abuse and trauma
  • Building healthy family habits
  • Balancing expectations as a parent
  • Best interventions for anxiety
  • Mental health and coping skills

Please reach out via email or phone to schedule an interview or hear more about working with me. 

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My professional bio for media placement:

Kelsey Torgerson, MSW, LCSW is an expert in child and adolescent anxiety. She opened her practice, Compassionate Counseling St. Louis, in early 2017. Anxiety can morph from anger management problems to school avoidance to perfectionism, and across this age 4 through college lifespan, Kelsey tailors her approach to each client. She typically integrates cognitive-behavioral therapy with relaxation skills building, and often finds that just having someone on your side is the most helpful part of counseling.