Thank you for scheduling our 15-minute phone consult!

Next steps:

  1. Make sure that you’ve filled out our consultation form so that we can really make the use of our free phone time.

  2. I’ll call you at the number provided during the time you scheduled.

  3. If I miss you, please make sure to schedule a new appointment - because of how the schedule is set up and the number of calls I take in a day, I won’t be able to wait if you miss our time.

What’s coming up?

During our 15-minute call:

We’ll talk about what’s going on and what recommendations I might have. I’m not the best fit for everyone, so even if we decide not to work together, I’ll still provide you with recommendations and referrals for other therapists.

If we are a good fit:

We’ll figure out what open appointments I have that work for your schedule on that required weekly basis. Of course, if you or I are out of town, we won’t plan on meeting that week.

After scheduling:

I’ll send over all of the required consent forms online through my secure platform, Simple Practice. You'll have a temporary log in through a client portal system, and you can update the login information once you sign in. For future appointments, I do require 48 hours' notice to avoid the late cancellation fee.

You can find information on accessing out of network benefits here. As a reminder, my session fee is $205 for our 45-50 minute session, and you can pay via check, cash, or credit card. You'll find information on scheduling, how counseling works, and other policies on my FAQ page.