And you are becoming overwhelmed. You were always successful in school, so you're wondering why college and this independence, both of which you felt so ready for, are becoming such huge stressors. How do you stay on top of everything? How do you stay successful? How can you reach your goals when you feel like you're drowning in information overload? Is it even possible to stay afloat?

Sometimes, these thoughts can start to spiral, and one little worry becomes an obsession. 

That's how anxiety works.

Your brain, working on overdrive, starts to think through every single thing that could go wrong, which morphs into every thing that you must already be doing wrong. And while a fear of failure can feel like it motivates you to do even more, even better, it actually gets in the way.

So, how do you deal with this anxiety, perfectionism, and stress in college?

You build tools, you take time to relax, and you think about meeting with someone else who has been there.

My anxiety story:

Growing up, I was always academically successful, and put in little effort while still getting A's. This all changed when I got to college. While I started off on the honor's list, my grades quickly dropped, and I struggled to even complete all of my assignments. My brain started forgetting important things, like even showing up for my tests. This was all so foreign to me, and I didn't know how to fix it. And then it started to feel unfixable. 

But, I was able to find an academic mentor - and I started meeting with a counselor at student health. They helped me examine my thoughts that got in the way, and I become more comfortable with turning in assignments, even when they weren't perfect. I started regularly using a planner, and scheduling out papers and tests instead of just expecting to remember everything. And, I made sure to schedule in time where I didn't have to work, too. 

Counseling helps you feel less stress about college.

Sometimes, just having someone listen is helpful. Depending on your needs, we can work on building coping skills, identifying thoughts and emotions you experience, and really dig in to what is underneath your stress. 

Because I specialize in anxiety, and because I know first hand how it can start small and grow so quickly, I encourage college students to be proactive.

So, let's schedule a free phone consult to talk further. You can text, call, or email - or use that contact form on my website. If I don't feel like the best fit, I'm happy to provide referrals to other providers. I look forward to hearing from you!