You were always successful in highschool, so why does college feel so much harder? You don’t want to disappoint your family, and you’re struggling with disappointing yourself. Juggling your course work, part time job, and your drive to succeed feels tough – and sometimes, it makes you want to give up. It feels like all of your peers are doing just fine – so is there something wrong with you?

You sit and wonder how you went from A’s coming so easy… to being the person who doesn’t even show up to class.

This is not you. It doesn’t feel good, and it isn’t what you were imagining when you entered college.

College overwhelm is normal.

It’s tough to deal with anxiety in college, because of our anxiety spirals.

Your brain, working on overdrive, starts to think through every single thing that could go wrong, which morphs into every thing that you must already be doing wrong. And while a fear of failure can feel like it motivates you to do even more, even better, it actually gets in the way.

So, how do you deal with this anxiety, perfectionism, and stress in college?

You build tools, you take time to relax, and you think about meeting with someone who gets it. I help you dig in to what’s underneath the stress, and we build up a coping skills plan to get you back on track.

Counseling helps you feel less stress about college - even when you're on the fence about it.

Sometimes, just having someone listen is helpful. Depending on your needs, we can work on building coping skills, identifying thoughts and emotions you experience, and really dig in to what is underneath your stress. 

Because I specialize in anxiety, and because I know first hand how it can start small and grow so quickly, I encourage college students to be proactive.

So, let's schedule a free phone consult to talk further. You can even have your mom or dad reach out to me first if that feels helpful (that first step is usually hardest).