You're at the end of your rope.

You look at your kid and you wonder if anything that you're doing is helping them. Your young child keeps struggling at school and the principal calls at least once a week. Or, you have a teen who shuts their door as soon as they get home and won't talk to you, even though you know something happened. You're not sure what to do anymore - and your child won't connect with you.

I can help.

Whether your child keeps getting sent home from school, or your teen won't even look at you, I give them the tools they need to open up and talk through what's going on. The kids and teens I work with usually tell me that they feel alone, isolated, and guilty. They worry that they're making trouble for everyone else, even if they shut you out or pretend to you that things are fine.

If you need a change... 

I specialize in helping angry children feel less out of control and teaching teens how to open up to you. Email me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation, or just give me call at 314-339-7640 to talk through what you're already doing right, and see if you need any new strategies. We will go over any questions you have about counseling, and if it isn't a great fit, I'm happy provide you with referrals to other agencies or providers. 

I look forward to working with you!