You always did well in highschool, so why does college feel so much harder?

You don’t want to disappoint your family, and you’re struggling with disappointing yourself. Juggling your course work, part time job, and your drive to succeed feels tough – and sometimes, it makes you want to give up. You sit and wonder how you went from A’s coming so easy to being the person who doesn’t even show up to class.

This is not you. It doesn’t feel good, and it isn’t what you were imagining when you entered college.

College anxiety and overwhelm is normal - and so is being worried about your college readiness.

Maybe you thought that college would be just as easy as high school - and it’s not. You weren’t prepared for the stress, and you’re wondering if you’re even cut out for college. You want to do so well, but every B feels like a sign that you should leave. Your brain, working on overdrive, starts to think through every single thing that could go wrong, which morphs into every thing that you must already be doing wrong. And while a fear of failure can feel like it motivates you to do even more, even better, it actually gets in the way.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps anxiety, perfectionism, and stress with college in St. Louis:

In counseling, we build relaxation skills so you learn how to manage the stress. We dig in to what’s going on underneath the surface, and we take a step back to figure out what thoughts are getting in your way. And then, working together, we figure out the plan to help you move forward. Good anxiety treatment won’t just help you succeed in college, it will help you better respond to all the stress that will come after you leave college, progress in relationships, and more!

Anxiety counseling helps you feel less stress about college and your future.

And the research shows that the best predictor of a good outcome from therapy is finding a therapist who is a good fit. You want to find someone who gets it, and who won’t just brush of your concerns.

Let's schedule a free phone consult to talk further about anxiety therapy in St. Louis (we can even do virtual sessions if that works best in your schedule).

And because that first step can feel vulnerable, you can also have your mom or dad set up our free phone call first.